A mercenary is an individual who is hired to take part in an armed conflict but is not part of a regular army. Mercenaries fight for money or other recompense, going out in ruins to exterminate monsters and loot treasures to become rich and pay their debts in the Dragon Princess Inn, where they take their jobs.


  • Jig - A thin mercenary with red armor and a skull mark on his helmet. Is Batz's boss. Died in combat, being cut in half by a traitor. Prometh tried to revive him, but was unsuccessful due to being too late for him.
  • Gants (Gantz in some parts of the game) - A thin mercenary with gray armor. Gantz and his partner Maury saw the Demon Gazer defeat Mars.
  • Zubo - A thin mercenary with gray armor.
  • Man in Armor - A thin mercenary with gray armor killed by Comet in the beginning of the game. His name is unknown.
  • Heath - A fat mercenary with green armor. He appears in the Red City alongside his partner Kuro to watch the Demon Gazer's progress with the circles for Lorna. In the Manhunt quest Zubo attempts to get them to pay a debt for him, but they are found dead in Sunbeam Forest.
  • Kuro - A fat mercenary with gray armor. Heath's partner.
  • Batz - A fat mercenary with gray armor that works with Jig. After Jig's death he decides to leave the mercenary business to have a peaceful life.
  • Maury - A fat mercenary with green armor that talks before thinking. He and Gants are partners.