0005-character mars

Mars, the Demon of Fire.

Mars is a character in Demon Gaze. She is the demon of fire and the second demon the player encounters. When enraged she gains the title Raging Dragon Claw.

In battle, when summoned, she can attack a monster with a lot of power or after killing one monster in a line, move on to another monster.


Mars has the the appearance of a wild, medium-chested woman with dark skin, long, bushy, white hair, and blue mechanical joints. She wears a special headpiece that looks like dragon ears, a black top revealing her undercleavage, black shorts, a long yellow loincloth. Her right arm is a red gauntlet that looks like a dragon's claw. She has red leggings with one red foot and one bare foot, and a red tail appendage. On her backis an apparatus that has a chainsaw on both sides. The glowing chain is wrapped around her left arm. When enraged, her eyes turn red, her scleras turn black, she grown horns from her head that look like they are made of magma, her hair becomes fire, she loses her outfit but her breasts are covered from the side in dragon scales, her forearms, forelegs and the tip of her tail also appear as if they were msade of hardened magma and are clawed, She still wears her shorts, and behind her is a giant broadsword made of fire.



Character mars rampage

Mars with her power unleashed.

In order to pay off a massive debt the player has to obtain two demon souls. One of the souls is in the first dungeon outside the Dragon Princess Inn, known as Red City. It is here that the player and his party encounter Mars. After she is defeated a second time, she reverts back to her normal form and her soul is obtained.


  • Comet: No Element, The Demon of Fire.
  • Comet: No Element, The Demon of Fire, with her powers unleashed.
  • Fire Dragon Woman [Attack] A powerful attacker. Powers up ally attacks as well as attacks all enemies.


  • Dragon Defense 1: 20% increase to physical damage. Learned at Rank 1.
  • Dragon Assault 1: Attack all enemies together. HIT decreased by 10. Learned at Rank 4.
  • Dragon Defense 2: 40% increase to physical damage. Learned at Rank 8.
  • Dragon Assault 2: Attack all enemies together. HIT decreased by 5. Learned at Rank 12.
  • Dragon Defense 3: 60% increase to physical damage. Learned at Rank 17.
  • Dragon Assault 3: Attack all enemies together. HIT will not decrease. Learned at Rank 22.