Demon Gaze video game cover
Demon Gaze is a dungeon-crawling RPG developed by Kadakowa Games and Experience. The game was set for release by NIS America in the US on April 22, 2014 and Europe on April 25, 2014 for the PlayStation Vita handheld system.

The game follows the adventures of a Demon Gazer, someone with immense power granted by an Evil Eye that can capture demons.


Players will make their own character, choosing from appearance, race, class, voice, and name. Players explore deep dungeons and fight a variety of monsters. Demons can be subuded in order to summon them in battle. If the Demon Gauge is full depleted, a controlled demon can lose control and unleash powerful attacks on enemies and party members. Using the Demon Rage skill, players can control the demon when they enter their chaotic mode.

Summoning Circles are magical circles located in dungeons that summon monsters that drop items. Once a circle is used to summon a monster, it will not be usable. Players must set gems inside these circle in order to summon the monster.

The Dragon Princess Inn is the primary rest location of the player's party. There, they must pay rent in order to live there. The amount of rent depends on the the strength of the residents and how many rooms are rented.


In the curse land of Misrid there lies treasures deep within labyrinths. These treasures contain lost memories, as well as the power of a Demon Gazer.