Comet, demon of the Stars.

Comet is a character in Demon Gaze. She is the demon of the stars and the weakest of all demons. When enraged she gains the title Rabid Wolf Girl.

In battle, when summoned, she can randomly cast Cure to heal an ally, cast Avoid or Hit on an ally to raise theit EVA or HIT, or attack an opposing monster.


Comet has the the appearance of a young girl with orange hair tied in braided pigtails wearing a witch's hat, a pair of glasses with one lens broken making them look like a makeshift monocle, and the outfit of a witchling. She rides on a mechanical broomstick with a searchlight and has a phonograph cylinder and book each being lifted by a propeller. The book appears to be bound by a magic chain. Like all demons, she appears to have mechanical joints. When enraged, her hair unravels and she has red eyes. She loses her hat and her clothes appear slightly torn, her forearms turn into giant claws. Her broomstick turns into a staff and wields multiple books, each appearing to weild a weapon made of magic



0003-character comet rampage

Comet with her powers unleashed.

At the start of the story, Comet is encountered by the main character and Lancelorna Beowulf, who uses this as an opportunity to use her as a training opponent to test out the powers of the Demon Gazer. After she is defeated, she reverts back to her normal form and her soul is obtained.


  • Comet: No Element, The Demon of the Stars.
  • Comet: No Element, The Demon of the Stars, with her powers unleashed.
  • Starry Magic Girl [Search] Helpful in mazes. Helps find things and flee from battle.


  • Twinkle: A hidden door is shining. Kicking will reveal the hidden door. Learned at Rank 1.
  • Flash: Unleash a bright light to escape battle. Will not always work, Learned at Rank 1.
  • Star Defense 1: 10% Chance to get treasure (not gear). Learned at Rank 4.
  • Star Defense 2: 20% Chance to get treasure (not gear). Learned at Rank 9.
  • Star Defense 3: 30% Chance to get treasure (not gear). Learned at Rank 15.